Real Men, Real Style for hair?

I love Real Men Real Style. Last week, I went shopping for an overcoat. While shopping, the salesman asked my friend who was with me if I was a fashion model. I’ve used the advice hear and on other sites Antonio has recommended to remake my work wardrobe, casual wardrobe, character, even my facial hair to be what I want it to be. There remains, however, one aspect of my personal style I don’t like: my hair. I wish there were a concise reference like RMRS for hair style. Right now, the only hair cut I’m comfortable with is a close cut high taper, like the ones given in a military barbershop. I live in Korea, or I would find a good barber and seek a personal consultation. Does anyone know of a Real Men, Real Hair site?

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  1. I feel your pain, I am currently in the military and it has taken me several years to really find a style that works on and off duty. I also have very straight thick hair. I quit going to the on base barbers long ago because all you will be getting is a cookie cutter hair cut that a hundred other guys have. You may have better luck at the officers club barber, or a real barber shop not staffed with GI spouses. I probably went through a dozen barbers before I found one that could cut my hair and recommend something that worked for me. This may sound weird but you may want to try a woman’s salon. They are usually better trained in hair styling and if they have a license they have knowledge of mens hair styles that may work for you. They also have a wider array of techniques and tools that the average military barber never uses such as hair thinners.

  2. This is a great question and one I was searching on. I currently go to my local hair cut place. He is a nice guy who cuts womens and mens hair. But when I walk out, my hair style looks similar to his, which looks similar to my three neighbors that all go to him also.

    I want something different. Possibly switching to a mens barber would help me. I want a hair cut that is more professional and says “in command” rather than tshirt and flip flops.

    My hair is currently short in the back, clean around the ears, and messy on top. The just woke up messy look. This is what Ive done for years now and anything else Ive tried makes me feel uncomfortable.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  3. Hi doulos05,

    You can actually check the GQ and Esquire Magazines and websites for more information about hair. And then you can tear off a page and show it to your barber so that he has an idea on what you like your hairstyle to be.

    Hope this information helps!

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