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Dear Antonio, I have already watched your “Eye Contact Rules” video but I would like to follow up with another problem. When I am talking to a woman with her bosom showing I just cant help but stare at it, as if I am in a trance. I try to pull away but am unable to. I am 100% sure they notice this as I dont even try to use my peripheral vision. I entirely…”Give into the dark side” and just ogle away. If I dont just straight up ogle, then I will do a lot of double or tripple takes from making a quick eye contact and back down to the breasts and back up again. (Almost as if to see if she notices but of course she does shes looking at my eyes dart up and down like a elevator)

How do I stop this? No cleavage is safe, big ones, small ones, fake ones, young ones, old ones…ugly ones…I cant stop myself! Its like when there is traffic because everyone slows down to look at the wreck. How do I conquer this inner demon!

Help me Antonio, your my only hope!

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  1. There’s not a trick to solving that one. Just don’t do it. Keep your eyes on their faces. Eye contact will help, since it feels weird (and is really obvious) to break it once it’s established.

  2. Its part psychological too. You are so fixated on breasts (and i dont blame you!). I once was at my brothers house for a party and he told me not to look at his new friends huge ears. Guess what happened. I could not take my eyes off of this guys ears. They seemed practically the size of his head. Its all I thought about the entire party, how big his ears were. If my brother didnt say this to me beforehand, I would have met the guy and thought he had big ears but wouldnt have fixated myself on how big his ears seemed. So, stop thinking beforehand about breasts. Stop thinking about them all day long. Good luck with THAT.

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