Raw Denim Bleeding?

Does anyone here have experience with raw denim? I was looking into purchasing a pair of Naked and Famous jeans, but I am particularly concerned about the indigo bleeding. How bad should I expect it to be? Does it happen constantly, or only when the jeans are wet? Does it eventually stop?

Thank you all for the help!

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  1. It will eventually stop, I bought a used pair of jeans and washed them by themselves, the water turned blue the first time, but i rinsed them twice. Now I’ve been able to wash them with other clothes. I’d say wash them by themselves on the “mini load” option until you’re sure they don’t bleed. Some people say soaking them in hot salt water will help them stop the bleeding, but don’t take my word for it, do some research. Good luck!!!

  2. It can vary a lot depending on your brand, too, so be cautious. Wash them on their own until the water doesn’t seem to be showing any dye, then wash them with some things you don’t care about (rags and kitchen towels work well, especially light ones that’ll show any bleeding onto them easily). If that goes all right you can probably start washing them with other clothes.

  3. Wash your dark denim jeans inside out using cold water. Do not use hot water as this can make your jeans shrink; cold water is also much more gentle on dyes. Make sure to wash the jeans by themselves, without any other clothes with them. This will ensure any dye released in the wash cycle won’t stain your other clothing.

    You can also try soaking your jeans in a mix of cold water and vinegar if you are hand washing your jeans. Hand washing is highly advisable if you are concerned about your jeans retaining their shape.

    Hope this helps!

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