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  1. Here’s one great tip:

    Replace T-shirts with Polos and Sport Shirts

    Wearing T-shirts to the gym or when you are performing house chores is fine.

    But wearing T-shirts to social events or to work is a no-no, especially when the shirt is too big and made from a shoddy fabric advertising the company who gave it to you a decade ago.

    A good polo in a simple, dark color is always presentable and always flattering if it’s fitted well.

    You can also opt for buttoned short-sleeved shirts in the summer, ranging from Carhartt work shirts to seersucker dress shirts. If you do wear a T-shirt, make sure it’s new, clean, close-fitted and in a solid, dark color.

    To get the rest of the 8 tips for dressing, you can check out this link here- .

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