Proper fit for off-the-rack jeans?

When buying off-the-rack jeans, like Levi’s, for example, is it better to go with slightly too short or slightly too long? Since most go in only even inch measurements, I really should be the one in the middle. If it’s too short, I just show a little bit of socks while walking. If it’s too long, there’s a bunching of the legs at the ankle.

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  1. Jeans can be hemmed just like any other pair of trousers. Longer is always going to be better — you can’t make cloth that isn’t there, but a good tailor can hide a surprising amount of extra cloth.

    Expect to pay $10-20 bucks for having the cuffs hemmed to fit you. If you’ve got a tailor who knows you well, so much the better; if not take a good measurement yourself and bring it into any “same-day alteration” place. They won’t measure you there, so have the accurate number ready in hand.

  2. I agree with Geoffrey. Longer is always the safer choice since this can still be adjusted by a tailor.

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