Can I Wear a Tailcoat with Dress Pants to Prom?

So a while back I bought a Christian Dior tuxedo jacket with tails and pants from a thrift store for $3. I have prom coming up and would like to know whether or not I could wear it to prom. I think the pants have a hole in it, so would it be appropriate to wear normal dress pants with it?

Also, should I wear a vest and a bowtie?

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  1. Usually it’s best to stay away from tailcoats unless you’re in costume or attending a formal event in proper white-tie attire. Mixing and matching for an evening event is basically a novelty choice, not a classic fashion.

    To look really sharp at prom I’d either go with basic black tie attire (probably rented, since buying a tux when you’re still growing is a lousy investment) or with a dark suit, white shirt, and colored necktie. Colored vests and cummerbunds and things look pretty tacky.

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