How Do You Store Your Pocket Squares?

I started getting into pocket squares recently and now I have a bunch, but I don’t have anywhere good to put them. Should I be hanging them to keep them from wrinkling, folding them up, or laying them flat in a drawer? I don’t want to damage them or put permanent creases in the cloth!

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  1. Depends on how you’re going to be wearing them. If you like a crisp peak or horizontal fold, where there’s either a side of the square or a corner sticking up to make a sharp, geometrical shape, you can actually fold your squares into that arrangement ahead of time and stack them neatly in a drawer. That way they’ll be pressing down into the creases you want.

    Alternatively, just lay them all out flat in a drawer, one on top of the next, so that they’re all crease-free blank slates when it’s time to arrange them in your pocket.

    For my part, I keep the plain white ones I crease folded in a drawer and the silk ones that I arrange more casually in a little basket by the bed, since it won’t hurt them if they get a little tumbled around. I’ve even talked to a guy who hangs his over the pegs on one of those wooden pasta-drying racks, so there’s clearly options out there.

  2. We did a video on pocket square storage over at the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel:

  3. Silk can damage over time, but it takes a long time. They are not therefore best stored folded. I store my silk pochettes (pocket squares) flat in a drawer. The linen ones are ironed and folded. Nothing really destroys linen.

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