Should I Wear Pleated Trousers or Not?

Hi Antonio, I personally like flat front pants. However, many pants sold in retail store are pleated. What is the purpose of the pleat? For me it only makes a person looks bulky. Also I always have problems in storing my phone and wallets. I like to put it in the front pocket but it is not very presentable as it will bulge out. What’s your point of view? Thank you.

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  1. I think the pleat has a functional aspect other being just a style feature. It probably started off as a way to make one more comfortable in the act of being seated. I have always found it comfortable to wear pleated pants as it is no effort at all to go to a seated position and back while carrying a wallet in the back pocket, a card holder on the front right pocket and an iPhone on the front left pocket. Furthermore, the pleat adjusts for the bulges that may otherwise be created by the accessories a man carries in his pockets.
    I do agree that it may make a person look bulkier when compared to flat fronts. However, a good tailor can make the proportions right.
    I also am of the opinion that flat fronted dress pants may be more suitable for a gentleman who is in shape with flat abdominals.

  2. I agree. Pleated pants are both a style and sometimes a necessity. One, two or even a three pleated pant can look great without looking bulky provided the cut and drape are proper. Check out Kevin Costner in the movie “Tin Cup”. At the end of the movie in the last sequence of the golf tournament he is wearing are great looking pair of pleated pants.

    As for necessity? Men with a protuding backside needs a pleated pant, In a flat front it will pull the front and show folds as well as rabbit ear pockets.

  3. Good answer here! Pleats have a simple, straightforward function: they are there to expand and give the trousers extra flexibility when the fabric is stretched tight.

    So if you have identical trousers in plain front and pleated front, the pleats will give you more “wiggle-room” to sit and move. If you’re big enough in the waist, butt, or thighs to stretch the fabric of your pants when you move, pleats will help them stay comfortable and keep from looking over-stretched. If you’re slim enough that you’re never stretching your pants to the limit, pleats are unnecessary.

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