When should a man purchase a pinstripe suit?

I generally like the look of a man in a pinstripe suit. I personally don’t own one yet but I find its properties attractive as I am around 1.7m ( 5 foot 7) and well-built. But could a man buy one as his second suit for instance? In other words, what occassions and what professions are appropriate for a pinstripe suit? Is it limited to people working in the banking sector?
Thank you in advance.

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  1. Definitely not limited to the banking sector. Pinstripe suits are a good business choice for anyone, assuming they’re on a conservative color like charcoal or navy.

    They’re slightly less flexible in terms of what shirt/tie you can wear than a sold gray or blue, and it’s harder to wear the pieces separately as an odd jacket and trousers. Otherwise they work about the same, although in the most formal and conservative settings they’d be considered slightly less formal than a solid. But for most day-to-day business purposes you should be just as fine in navy or charcoal with pinstripes as you would be without.

  2. I’d probably say that buying a pinstripe as a second suit is probably not a good idea – I’d wait until you at least have plain or very tightly patterned) black, grey, and navy suits.

    Striped suits are naturally less formal than plain ones (and the same holds for shirts, ties, etc.) but in most cases they are acceptable. I’ve got an odd jacket in dark navy with blue pinstripes which I absolutely love, in fact it’s my favourite piece in my wardrobe today.

  3. Hi. Thank you for your information. What if the collar has fabric combination? To be accurate everything is the same all over suit, but the collar has an addition of smooth and slightly reflective fabric. Is that considered as business formal attire? Thank you.

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