Penny loafers: dress or casual

I would like to know is it ok to own two penny loafer shoes?Is there a penny loafer dress type ,and casual type? do you suggest one or the other to be worn for both formal ,casual occasion.The reason is because i’m planning on purchasing a allen edmond penny loafer,although i own a hush puppie brand that has a durable rubber underneath,because of my foot type a high arch,and wear custom orthodics.It’s essential i wear very good shoes.I avoid rockport because of it’s lack of durability.Thanks!


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  1. I think it’s always okay to own multiple pairs of shoes. One can never have too many options!

    That said, penny loafers are acceptable up to the higher end of “business casual,” and not much further. You can wear them with a suit, but not with your best suit when you appear in court or make a big presentation or the like.

    Loafers are meant to be a more relaxed style than their lace-up cousins. Wear them when it’s all right to be a little relaxed, but not when you’re doing important business.

  2. Do you suggest any brands there are so many of them out there.what do you suggest a durable loafer shoe brand?Especially people with chronic foot disorder. Should the shoe have leather or rubber or it doesn’t matter? What do you think?

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