2 Replies to “When Should I Wear Patent Leather Shoes?”

  1. Well, I’d stay clear of Mary Janes, but patent leather dress shoes are appropriate for your best business suits, especially when you’re wearing them in the most traditional style: black shoes and belt, white shirt, white pocket square; conservative tie. The high-shine leather goes well with the overall crisp appearance.

    I’ve also seen men wearing patent leather with black tie outfits, both in pump form and in what we think of as the more common balmoral oxford style dress shoe. It’s a nice nod to the formality of the event for men that don’t own custom dress pumps.

    I’d be cautious of wearing them with anything less formal than good gray wool trousers and a navy blazer, at the very minimum. Jeans and khakis are definitely right out!

    They’re not a piece of footwear I’d encourage every man to go out and buy as a wardrobe staple, but if the style appeals to you it can definitely be part of a suit-wearing man’s work wardrobe.

  2. I did a video on patent leather shoes for the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel a while back; you might find it helpful:

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