Dear sir,responding to your answer to my question does nylon materials counts.another words you’re saying it’s ok to use a nylon briefcase with a suit? Another question i have is i’m working towards changing my casual dress,and dress casual attire.simple reason is because i was wearing supeerhero attires such as Batman because i’m a largely BATMAN COLLECTOR,AND FAN,AND I’M 46 YEARS OLD AFRICAN AMERICAN,AND A MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL.I’VE BEEN WEARING BATMAN T-SHIRTS,AND BATMAN BUCKES,BATMAN BASEBALL CAPS(EXEPT I WEAR THEM AT WORK BECAUSE OF THE STUDENTS),IN FACT I DO WEAR REAL BATMAN JEWERLY 14 GOLD RING THAT I WEAR EVERYDAY,AND A COUPLE NECKLACES.OVERALL!! SIR I DON’T WANT TO LOOK TOO MUCH LIKE A COLLEGE STUDENT,BUT A MIDDLE AGE MATURE MAN.ANTONIO TOLD ME TO LOOK LIKE BRUCE WAYNE,ALL HEADS WILL TURN. WHAT LEATHER BRIEFCASE BRANDS YOU SUGGEST?THANKS!!

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  1. If you are talking about my comment of your previous thread, I’m saying you should probably not buy a nylon briefcase because it generally doen not go well with the kind of clothing advocated on RMRS and similar sites – it’s more or a sportswear or very casual look.

    As for changing your casual wear, your question is a little vague but I’d try to go for a clean business-casual look, broken up by only one good piece of high quality batman jewellery in order to show a little personality. The ‘less is more; philosophy is especially important here because wearing more than one (or at the very most two) items tends to give the appearance of a lack of restraint that is normally associated with young adults, rather than men.

    I’d suggest reading over the two posts on RMRS here and here for advice on selecting a leather briefcase.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Just a tiny suggestion, this question is basically a continuation of you previous one, it’s (in my opinions) a better idea to continue the discussion under the original question. That way we avoid repeating the same question. God bless!

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