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  1. Start with forums where you can discuss style with other knowledgeable people. Get different viewpoints and flesh out your knowledge in as many different ways as possible. Read books on style, subscribe to magazines and read articles. Continue learning and figuring out your own sense of style. Style has rules but is mostly opinion.
    once you’ve done all that, start a blog. Oh, one more thing. Don’t expect to make much if any money giving style advice. Most people who give style advice are doing it as a side gig. It probably will not be your 9-5

  2. Do a market research on what customers are looking for, in that way, you have a target market already when you start your business and it’s not saturated yet. Follow popular fashion brands like Burberry or Armani on Social Media that are related to style industry so that you can learn from them. Learn, Learn, Learn from successful clothing companies such as Real Men, Real Style. You need to have the knowledge that you know how you can incorporate certain pieces together or specific details like the fabric, length, texture, etc.
    Connect with people, Networking is one of the essentials for a style business to be successful. You also have to dress sharp because your image perceives what people think when they see you. You also need to understand that rejection and failure can happen with any type of business. The important thing is to be open minded, committed, motivated, good head on your shoulders and a big, big passion on doing your business. Because when you don’t really like what you’re doing, you will definitely fail and it’s a waste of time and money.

    Good luck!

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