2 Replies to “Can You Wear a Navy Blazer without a Tie?”

  1. Depends on the blazer, but generally yes.

    A double-breasted navy blazer is a bit more formal than its single-breasted cousin, and shouldn’t be seen without a necktie. But most blazers are single-breasted affairs, and those can indeed be worn casually.

    It’s more a matter of style than of strict rules. I wouldn’t wear a conservative blazer with square shoulders, brass buttons, and flap pockets without a tie in most situations. I would feel comfortable wearing a softer-shoulder blazer with a more tightly-fitted look and discreet blue buttons unbuttoned and without a tie.

    Light wool blazers can get very casual, even down to being worn with jeans and a dark, non-collared shirt. A heavier jacket in a traditional cut deserves a dress shirt and a tie. All just depends on which you’re wearing.

  2. A few other thoughts from a video on navy blazers and neckties over at our Real Men Real Style YouTube channel:

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