Messenger Bags

Hi! Do I can pull off a messenger bag in college as a guy who’s 5’5 who’s relatively skinny? I go to college in the city and messenger bags caught my eye, plus I’m getting tired of my backpack. Thanks!

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  1. I think messenger bags are much more classy than the traditional back pack. They all usually are more purpose built with all their pockets rather than a giant catch all like back packs end up being.

    Plus they are so many options to choose from that tell who you are.

  2. Yes, messenger bags are more classy than back packs. It’s also what college guys these days are using asides from the back pack. The design allows for quick access to contents inside and it’s very helpful for a guy like you especially when you need a pen for exams.

    I can also suggest that you carry a duffel bag so you can bring your clothes for sports training.

    Hope this information helps!

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