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  1. As in $3000-6000 dollars? It’s a pretty steep range, but a luxury watch is not a bad investment if you’ve got the income for it.

    Here’s a good explanation of what you’re investing in and what to look for from Real Men Real Style:


    You can get high-quality watches for lower than $3000, though, so I wouldn’t treat that as a minimum standard or anything. You can find Omega Speedmasters (the “moon watch”) down in the $1000 range if you shop carefully; ditto some of the Rolex Oyster lines.

  2. But then again $6000 is also quite low as far as quality watches are concerned. Start looking at solid 18k gold swiss mechanical watches and you could be looking into the 30000 dollar area. Google patek philippe. I swear by them. But of course, if you budget doesn’t extend that far, Geoffrey is correct: shop smart, $1000 very good watch which will outlast your lifetime.

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