3 Replies to “Matching shoes with suit”

  1. For Charcoal Grey suits:

    Pair with:

    Black shoes
    Burgundy shoes
    Do not pair with:

    Brown shoes
    Here’s where we get to our first firm “no” on the list: don’t pair charcoal suits with brown shoes.

    Dark browns look like you’re trying for a close match and coming up short.

    Light browns are too informal, and draw the eye jarringly downward. Plain black works best, or a deep burgundy for a look that’s relaxed but still elegant.

    To know more pairings with other suit colors, check out this article here- http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/matching-shoes-with-suit/

  2. Olive shoes can also work if you’re feeling adventurous and wear the right socks. I side with the brown nay-sayer though, straight brown won’t work unless you have other brown: brown tie, watch, etc.

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