maintaining 1/2 inch of cuff

Anyone have any tricks they use to keep that half inch of shirt cuff showing when wearing barrel cuffs ? No matter what I do, my shirt sleeves find a way to hide in my jacket sleeves. I don’t have any problem with French cuffs but not every occasion is a French cuff occasion. I’ve even tried longer shirt sleeves and it doesn’t work.

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  1. Look up sleeve garter, or try buttoning it up tighter to the conformity of your wrist. If you have thin wrists this can be a little bit of a problem.

  2. As funny as this one might sound I’ve used it to good effect at times like weddings when I wanted to make sure the cuffs were correct in all the photos and didn’t want to have to shoot the cuff every time I moved.

    Double sided tape. It’ll stick enough to the fabrics to prevent excessive movement but wont stick enough to cause damage.

  3. Thanks. I found some fashion tape today. I thik I’ll give that a try since it’s already designed for clothes. IM told models use it when they are showing loose fitting and skimpy clothes so they don’t accidentally expose themselves. I never would’ve thought about it but I was buying undergarments for my fiance and that’s the section of the stores where it’s at.

  4. You should first make sure the jacket sleeves are the right length. The other one, like MrModern says, the cuffs should be a little snug. Make sure the shirt sleeves reach far enough, too.

    In a similar vein, I’m noticing with some activity, like driving or reaching far away, the whole cuff pokes out. Is that a sign that my jacket sleeves are a little too short?

  5. The sleeves on both jacket and shirt are the right length. One has to be a little looser to fit a watch and if the other one is skin tight than it looks goofy so I keep it loose enough that I can fit my pinky in as far as the nail goes. That way it isn’t too loose and doesn’t look too tight in comparison to the watch cuff. The cuff can still shift about a half inch, just enough to be hidden by the jacket sleeve.

    To answer your query about too much cuff showing when driving or reaching for something, if your cuff is fine any other time than the sleeve length is probably OK. It is more likely that the arm holes where the sleeve attaches to the body is too big. A smaller arm hole will allow for more movement. If your arm holes are as small as you can get them and still wear the jacket., well, your jacket will never be as flexible as your shirt and some extra cuff will always be exposed when you reach for something.

  6. With regards to the jacket sleeve query, your body shape can also affect it fairly significantly. I’m a large, muscular individual and unless I get my sleeves cut too long they practically come up to my elbows when I reach forward regardless of whether it’s a suit, shirt or anything else. It’s just the way I’m shaped. As a result I tend to get my shirts cut just a little long in the sleeve because it allows that movement but doesn’t look absurd when I’m wearing a jacket (if i’m not wearing a jacket I usually roll the sleeves up).

    Jackets I get done maybe 1/4″ long and try to watch my movement.

  7. I agree, make sure to tighten the shirt cuff so that it stays in place. You can do this by making sure the shirt cuff is your wrist’s size.

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