Low Contrast + Height

I am tall (6’4) man with a medium frame (195lb) with low contrast. Fair skin, blondish hair, hazel eyes.

The low contrast suggests monochromatic colors and look, but I don’t want a taller appearance (looking to be more wide and broad).

Do I contrast the trousers greatly? With monochromatic up top? What about for a suit?

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  1. I’d recommend a fairly low-contrast palette with heavy textures. Try things like houndstooth weave suits and trousers, tweed blazers, knit sweaters, and so forth. You can wear them in pretty closely-related grays, browns, or blues (good low-contrast palettes) but still get some breadth from the texture.

  2. Tall, skinny men benefit doubly from any horizontal elements. Plaids and checks help break up the towering height and add an impression of width to the body. Vertical elements like pinstriping or trouser pleats should be avoided.

    (You can get more information of this sort from The Style System)

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