5 Replies to “Loafers with khaki's”

  1. Yes. I’d recommend at least a little more contrast between the shirt and trousers, especially if you’re going with a high contrast like black on tan at the feet, but khakis and black loafers is fair game.

  2. How about going for the darkest shade of tan or brown for your loafers? For me, black seems to be quite an abrupt transition.

  3. I agree with Andrea on this. Go for brown loafers. It works best with your outfit and makes you look more well dressed.

  4. Cool! I need a pair of brown penny loafers, a good quality pair that have a good year construction on them.thanks! What do I do with the black color since brown color works better with my wardrobe.oh! What a black monk strap color?

  5. Cool! Thanks! I need s good quality pair of brown penny loafers; however, what attire do you suggest I wear the black cole haan penny loafers with? Thanks Andrea.

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