"Leather watch band vs metal or mesh watch band"

I would like to know which type of watch band is more formal? Leather or metal or mesh designed? type of face? do you suggest any great brands?Because they’re wide range of brand names out there,and quality is a essential,various price ranges. Thanks!

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  1. None is necessarily more formal than the other. It has more to do with the style than the material — big, chunky metal is less formal than slim dark leather, while soft brown leather would be less formal than narrow metal links.

    Timex is always a safe starting point (they’ve got just about every style under the sun), or you could keep an eye on sites like Dappered.com for deals on dress watches.

    RealMenRealStyle.com did a piece on luxury watches a while back:


  2. Ceramic is beautiful. And they are not as fragile as they sound. But they arent for every day use. Personally i think leather is nicer – and lighter! Or if you are willing to splurge a bit, get a a light titatanium watch. This way youre comfortable wearing the watch the whole day.

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