4 Replies to “Where Can You Wear Leather Ties?”

  1. They are considered novelty ties, so don’t wear it if you want to be taken seriously. If you are just going to be out with friends and want to get a laugh then go for it, but if you wear it to a job interview I wouldn’t expect a call back.

  2. I’d stick to social settings rather than business situations. Leather ties are sort of a dated style these days — they’re a fun vintage look, but they stand out as “not normal menswear.”

    There’s a mostly Southern association with leather ties here in the United States, so be aware of that. I don’t know what Europeans might think of them — don’t think I ever saw one in my time over there.

    Good conversation pieces but bad for any situation where you want to be taken very seriously, overall.

  3. Definitely not at job interviews! Well, maybe if you’re applying to work for Harley-Davidson. But probably not even then.

  4. I do suggest you stay away from leather ties. It defeats the purpose of the neck tie which is formality/semi-formality.

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