First off, hello everyone. It’s my first post here so I hope I put it in the correct spot…

I’ve recently destroyed several old pairs of jeans that served me well for quite a few years, but now that I’m trying to replace them I’m having a hard time finding options that fit me. I have a 30″ waist but a fairly muscular thigh region (soccer player) so most jeans are super tight fitting through there. (Levi’s 505s, for example, will fit perfectly around the waist but are so tight through the thigh I can’t even slide my fingers into the pockets). I’ve tried on Levis 550s, termed “relaxed tapered” which were much closer but still not quite there. Their 559’s, loose straight, great in the thigh but quite baggy around the ankles.
The 562s (“loose tapered”) look like they could work but they are a button fly–something I’d like to avoid.

Are there any options for builds such as mine? I’d prefer dark wash/contrast stitched as it best fits my wardrobe.