2 Replies to “How do You Fit a Jacket for Men Who Need to Move?”

  1. Really interesting question. For any guy that needs to both wear a suit and have freedom of movement, two places to look at the tailoring specifically:

    The back of the jacket and the yoke of the shirt will both need to be broad enough. If the sleeves are coming up onto your shoulders there’s going to be a place where the fabric tightens when you move your arms. A broad back that goes all the way across the shoulders, out to where they make a corner with your bicep, is crucial.

    The other thing to look at is the “armscye,” which is the term for the hole where the sleeve meets the body of the jacket. A larger armscye will give you the freedom of motion you need without making the whole jacket loose (which would be baggy, and could potentially snag, as well as being less attractive).

    These are pretty specific details. You’ll need a good tailor, and he’ll need your accurate measurements — ideally you there in person for at least one fitting. A made-to-measure suit or one of those fly-by-night “only in town for one day!” tailoring shows probably won’t get you what you need.

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