2 Replies to “How Many Jacket Buttons for a Tall Man?”

  1. Typically I’d say 3-button, just because those tend to have a higher gorge (the V-shape in the front), but it depends on the look you’re going for and where the buttons are placed.

    Tall men usually look best if they can cover a bit more of their chest than shorter men, especially if that’s where they carry the majority of their height. Three-button jackets buttoned at the middle and lower button usually do more of that than a two-button can.

    That said, there are two-buttons that button fairly high, and they tend to make better casual jackets worn separate from their trousers (they also just make a more casual-looking suit if you’re wearing it without a tie). And an unbuttoned two-button jacket looks much more natural than an unbuttoned three-button if you’re standing or walking (though usually you want your jacket buttoned when you’re doing anything but sitting).

    So most of the time a three-button will be best. If you want a casual suit, or you just really don’t like the style of a three-button, two buttons isn’t “wrong” for a tall man. It just usually offers less coverage in the chest, and tall men usually benefit from more of that.

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