Is it worth buying a loud color sports coat?

Hi! I was considering getting a white (or Navajo white)linen or cotton sports coat for this summer. My question is: Is that something that I can keep for many years, or do white (or loud color) sports coats go out of style with time? Thank You!

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  1. White wouldn’t be my first choice in a summer jacket. It can work but I’d highly recommend you compare it with what you already have in your wardrobe. Getting a sports coat that works with the wardrobe you already have is way better than getting one you have to build a wardrobe around! Look at your trouser options especially.

    Also, make sure the color works with your skin tone, it isn’t for everyone. Generally I’d recommend them to men with darker skin. Solid white will also get dirty very easily. Loud sports coats are memorable, I wouldn’t make this a first sport coat color. They work better if you already have a couple more at your disposal. Bright sports jackets will make your trousers stand out more. So patterns or stains in your trousers will be very distracting, especially imperfections in dark jeans. Best go with solid trousers, chinos are ideal.

    Put all this into consideration and if you think it will work, go for it! Solids are safe and easy to work with, they never go out of style. Textures like houndstooth and herringbone are good too. I strongly suggest you check out seersucker if you are looking for something cool and out there, but still very classic! I have one in the quintessential White/Navy stripe. It’s awesome.

    Hope that helps.

  2. If this is going to be your first sport jacket purchase, then I would not recommend white or any other loud colors. It’s too much of an eye-catcher that people will remember that you already wore it before. Obviously, this is not the most interchangeable type of sport jacket around. Go for navy or gray instead. 🙂

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