Is it possible to match Black and Brown?

I am looking to get a suit to match the deep Brown fedora I currently have. Woudl it be possible to match the brown with black? I plan on also having an overcoat to go with the rest of the “uniform” if you will.

Are black & Brown a no-no color, or is there a way to pull it off. Are there any other ways to use brown with any other colors?


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  1. Hats don’t usually have to be a perfect match for your suits regardless — back when men were expected to wear a hat out in public most men also wore suits every day, and only the very wealthy could afford a hat to match every one of their suits. So you get some leeway. Some men prefer hats in colors like forest or olive green, which won’t match most suits at all.

    That said, a brown fedora and a black suit would probably look a little odd. Black’s fairly unforgiving. A dark gray suit would be easier on the eyes, or a black or gray hat to go with the black suit.

  2. I think brown-black combination is a major no-no. You can wear the brown fedora with a gray suit.

    Hope this helps!

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