Is it ok to tuck a t shirt in jeans?

Hi, is it appropriate to tuck a t-shirt in your jeans? lets say specifically a v NECK T-shirt and. Ive done it in front of the mirror and it dont look that bad, but is it “bad taste”?


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  1. No problem tucking in a t-shirt…a problem though if you’re wanting to look more professional to begin with…is deciding to wear a t-shirt. Wear polo shirts instead….which you can tuck in or leave untucked the same way as a t-shirt…but have a collar…framing the face better and helping you look better than the next guy….two videos Antonio already made:

    Why T-shirts do not = the best choice:

    Why its ok to tuck in a short sleeved shirt (preferably polo and not T):

  2. It really depends how long the shirt is. A t-shirt probably wouldn’t look bad but it also depends how you wear the coat. If there is no coat than don’t tuck, unless you have the right shoes. Even then its all a gamble unless you have an actual picture.

  3. Well I live in a tropical place were the weather is pretty hot most of the year so I wouldnt be wearing a coat. So your advice is not tucking unless I have a coat or something similar? the t shrit is kind of lung but fits me well in chest girth and mid section. And what about polos?

  4. If you have even the slightest bit of a gut than tucking in a T-shirt will enhance it. Also, only tuck a solid color T-shirt. If it has a graphic design or writing on it than leave it untucked. Like Mr Modern said, it requires the right shoes and I’d say you also need the right belt too.

  5. When wearing Polo shirts with jeans, probably the same as a T-shirt only a Polo shirt is more forgiving if you decide to tuck. If you are wearing anything less casual than jeans, chinos for example, than tuck it in.
    That’s my opinion at least.

  6. I commented on this thread a while ago and my post has been awaiting moderation for the past 3 or 4 days…so unfortunately I tried to contribute but the mod fell asleep on us 😛

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