3 Replies to “Is it ok for wedding guest to wear bow ties? (Not a black tie event)”

  1. My opinion is simply “no”. The reason for this is that a bow tie will make you stand out and it will draw peoples attention to you. Under normal circumstances this is OK, but at a wedding, all attention should be on the bride. Dress well but not to stand out as a courtesy to the bride.

  2. I think if it’s part of your usual style then you certainly can wear one as it would draw more attention if you didn’t.

    If it’s not part of your regular style it’s acceptable but depending on the Bride and Groom could be taken poorly if she thinks you’re trying to steal attention from her.

  3. I think it’s important to follow the dress code of the wedding, it shows that you pay attention to the important requests of the bride and groom and that you respect them.
    Wedding day is all about the bride and groom, and what you don’t want is to steal the attention from them. You can still be stylish even if it’s a garden wedding or beach wedding with less formal attire or even a casual attire.


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