Is an untucked shirt, blazer and jeans a good look?

Hi everyone, I have recently purchased 4 casual shirts that I am planning on wearing with jeans. The shirts themselves are the right fit and go well with jeans however my question is when wearing an untucked shirt with jeans if I was to add a blazer into the mix is that a great look? Or does it look off? Or do you guys suggest when adding a blazer to the outfit I should just tuck in? This gentleman needs help, all your feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks 🙂

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  1. I would definitely go for having it tucked. I think it would look sharper that way. If you do want it untucked, just make sure the shirt isn’t too long and is meant to be untucked!


    RMRS Team

  2. If the shirt fits well, is meant to be untucked, and is shorter than the jacket, I think it can look great for a casual look.

    These are the things I consider when wearing two untucked tops… Is it smooth, or is it lumpy, uneven, or bulged by a belt? Does it add shape to your build; or is it jarring to look at? Is the hem of the shirt only visible when the jacket is open, or are there other places it’s visible?

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