Is a french cuff appropriate

As a young graduate going for a first time interview (having only a Bachelor degree to offer as academics), is it appropriate to wear french cuff especially if i know my interviewer(s) are not going to wear french cuff? Thank you

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  1. I would steer clear of French cuffs unless you are interviewing for an executive position, especially if your interviewer will not be wearing them. You want to dress to show that you will fit in if hired. The best way to do this is to dress so that you will not be remembered for what you wear. The best thing you can do is call the company’s human resources department and ask what would be appropriate interview attire.

  2. Really it depends whether you want to stand out or blend in. I’m a big fan of standing out, it doesn’t hurt to have the interviewer remember you specifically (particularly if quite a few people are interviewing for that position) as long as you do so in a good and tasteful way. If it’s appropriate to wear a suit to the interview then little touches like french cuffs and a pocket square are absolutely appropriate to wear and I would do so without hesitation. If I was wearing slacks and a shirt with no tie or jacket or a sports jacket rather than suit I would pass on the french cuffs and go with a barrel.

    One job I interviewed for (and got) had the area manager interview me and as I learned later he was notoriously the worst dressed man in the company. Yet one of the things he scored people highly on was their appearance as it was a very high end sales position so in a case like that knowing that he was going to be poorly dressed it would be shooting yourself in the foot to dress down to his level.


  3. I totally agree that you should look as sharp as you can. You don’t want to under dress, even if your interviewer is under dressed. It is also possible to over dress. You don’t want to come across as being pretentious. I’m not saying that wearing French cuffs will give that impression. Then again, your interviewer might think that they do. I’ve known people who definitely get that impression and some are in position to be doing the hiring where they work. Do you really want to risk it? I’m for playing it safe when it comes to how you dress for a job interview.

    No one is going to decide not to hire you because you aren’t wearing French cuffs. I’d be focused more on your performance during the interview than how dapper you are. All questions about appropriate interview attire can be answered simply by calling the human resources department and asking. They will answer your questions and maybe even give a nod of approval because you are taking the time to do the proper research before interviewing.

    Either way, you got two very different opinions about weather you should wear French cuffs or not. We both have answers based on different experiences. Neither one of us is right or wrong. I do sincerely hope you get the job and wish you good luck. 😉

  4. Thank you for the nice arguments gentlemen. I conclude its better to keep the french cuff for a later stage (because in my case i know my interviewer is not wearing french cuff and might be a little under dressed too), when i gain some experience and earn a certain reputation related to the work i shall be performing.

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