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  1. They’re certainly not restricted to security guards and waiters! Lots of guys wear black suits, for a variety of reasons.

    The disadvantage of a black suit is that it’s going to make a very sharp contrast with a white dress shirt. Guys who don’t have a lot of natural contrast in their complexions are going to look more washed-out in a black suit and white shirt combination than they would in navy blue or charcoal gray.

    Black’s also a little less forgiving of color choices. Things have to be pretty bold to contrast comfortably, and they make any dark, rich color (like the deep blues, reds, and greens popular for necktie colors) an awkward pairing.

    So there’s nothing wrong with a black suit but it’s going to be more limited than a dark suit with a little more color to it. Wear one as a stylistic choice, rather than as your default nice suit. If you’re only buying one suit, charcoal or navy is a much better choice.

  2. A black suit is a great choice for anyone who regularly attends serious or formal events. If this is going to be your first suit purchase, I suggest you go for a charcoal gray or a navy suit for its interchangeability.

  3. Yes, it’s very useful and according to Antonio, it should be on your top 3 list of suits if you’re going to invest. It’s traditionally a formal wear, for evening wear like a wedding or charity ball. It is one of the most flattering colors for forming a very lean silhouette. Like what everybody has been saying, you can choose charcoal gray or navy blue suit for more options.

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