I'm buying my first suit, help!

I’m looking towards getting my first suit, and I would appreciate your suggestion on a color and material. I live in Nebraska so it’s usually warm weather, unless it’s very cold.

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  1. I would go Dark navy suit, since it just compliments so many different colour styles and patterns (shirts) and is very versatile. But it depends of what you want it for, Business, funeral, casual etc. Black is too formal, unless you need one i wouldn’t invest in one (and depending on what you look like, black can make you look more serious and detract people away from you –> trust me on that one!) I prefer navy because you can also wear brown with the suit (shoes and belts). Navy is like a Swiss Army knife!

    As for material, i’m no expert and not Nebraskan so I’m not entirely sure what it ‘feels’ like there. My first suit is made out of Worsted Wool (I think) which i bought in Korea a year or so ago. Due to the notorious weather there, the tailor suggested Worsted Wool which would be suitable for three seasons (winter is too damn cold, need duckdown stuff) . I can’t remember the thread count or any other details, but my understanding is the Worsted Wool can be woven from thick to thin. All i know is that when i put my suit on, the fabric is super light and held up to a light you can see through it.

    I hope this helps, this is my first post, so I’m not sure if i have aided you. And at the end of the day, just pick what you want.

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