If I can wear only dress shirt, trouser and oxfords

Well in my company no one in the team and immediate boss wears a tie and suit. So, my weapons to look sharper are only limited to my dress shirt, trouser and shoes. What type of dress shirt and trouser should I wear?
If I just consider to wear solid and stripes pattern dress shirts along with solid light textured wave trouser and black Oxford shoes. Do you guys feel it will turn out to be sharper? This is my confusion and biggest problem to dress sharper.


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  1. I would mix up the shoes and match them to the belts. So you can add a brown which will give you more versatility. As for what type of shirt and trouser should you wear. Well that question has a lot of variables. How much do you want to/can afford to spend? Do you have an off the rack body? What industry do you work in?
    I work in Banking and have a weird body type. 49.5 inch chest, 38 inch waist, 34.25 lenth sleeve. So no matter what I do I will either have to wear custom or have items altered. I shop at Nordstrom Rack and have several custom shirts (Tom James,Paul Simon, The Custom Shop, Hong Kong Tailors) that I got from Goodwill/Thirt stores.
    I think if you buy the best quality that you can afford that it will last you a good long while. Also make sure to obtain clothing that is mostly (90% or better) natural fibers like cotton, silk, linen, bamboo. As these will allow your body to breathe better and you can get the cooling effect from a looser weave.

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