I am very interested in dressing nice. For quite some time I’ve always been intrigued by how much different everything could be with just clothes. The only problem I’m facing is figuring out what to wear according to my body type.

Right now I’m 6’5″ and I wouldn’t say that I’m fat but I’m not very skinny either. I would say that I’m about average I guess. Anyways, I really want to “dress up” but all the clothes that I find seem to fit weird. Right now I’m in college and I can’t afford expensive clothes or someone to tailor them. I feel like I could accomplish so much more if I just had the right clothes.

When I say accomplish more, I feel like I could overcome my anxiety and actually interact with more people without thinking…”Are my pants too long?” or “Does my shirt fit properly?”.

I live in San Marcos, Texas and saw that your business in Austin. So, I was hoping that maybe you could help in person or on the internet. Anything would help really. Thank you for everything in advance! By the way, my email is lxltravislxl@yahoo.com