I cant afford $350 shoes. Recomendations?

I’d like to upgrade my style completely. My first step is with shoes. Ive taken a bunch of notes on shoes and what to look for thanks to the Real Men Real Style website. I cant afford the $350 shoes on Allen Edmonds site which look great. Can I find a decent pair (say on zappos or in a deptartment store) for around $100?

Many thanks!

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  1. Florsheim shoes are a good start. Their shoes are classic in style, affordable in price and they hold a polished shine pretty well. The down side to Florsheim shoes is that not everyone finds them to be comfortable and if they aren’t comfortable to you than they are as good as garbage. The other down side is that the sole is glued to the welt rather than stitched. If you do buy Florsheim than they should be a transition shoe to hold you over while you save up for better. I’ve also found great shoes at consignment shops for around $30 but you need to be very careful about buying shoes that way. Good shoes are extremely hard to find that are comfortable and well cared for.

  2. Nicholas, thanks for the info. I headed to the mall and looked at the Fiorsheims and then the Allen Edmonds. Big difference for sure. I ended up going with a used pair of AE for less then a new pair of Fiorsheims.

  3. I have three pairs of Allen Edmonds I bought from eBay and they all are in varying wear. I’m about to send my first pair off to their refurbishing service to get some new soles and a new breath of life.

    Like Nicholas says, be selective when going this way, but getting a used pair for around $20 and then paying $100-150 to make them look like new just can’t be beat.

  4. I agree Nicholas… I have found great well cared for shoes at consignment shops. I look for the condition of the leather, because if they are in good conditioned you can get them resoled. When it comes to resoling them, I am very picky, and I use people who use the same high quality materiel in their work.. I have one pair of Allen Edmond’s that I had resoled by from a cobbler that used rubber sole instead of leather soles, and I was pretty bummed out.. those shoes I know use in wet weather… A.E will resole your shoes, which is great.. for my other shoes… I make sure that they will match the quality of soles that are on them…. but as stated above it will cost about 100-150 dollars money well spent IMHO. I am not a big fan of Fiorsheims they just are not as comfortable to me.. I rather buy used AE’s and if needed resole them… I just find the fit and feel are worth the extra money. The sad thing is.. I have bought and tried many different brands, and wasted a lot of money on shoes I wasn’t happy with.
    My Favorite Brands are just Two… Allen Edmond’s and S. Ferragamo’s they fit me well, comfortable, and will last a long time.
    Another place to look is Ebay.. you can get a solid pair of AE for about 100…

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