How to tell if a shoe is dressy or casual.

I recently purchased some Mario Fagni shoes. They have a leather upper with a buckle across the top. They seem to be rather dressy, but I would like to know where exactly they are on the scale of dressy to casual. I am willing to send a picture if that would help.

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  1. Buckled leather shoes are a notch or two less formal than their laced cousins. You can still wear a buckled shoe with a suit, but not to a formal meeting or important business event. Socially, they’re fine with everything from suits on down to khakis and a casual shirt.

  2. Thanks for the response. I watched one of the Real Men Real Style videos about different dress shoes and the shoe he demonstrated as a monk-strap was almost identical to my own. What would you suggest as far as maintenance? I do have shoe trees for them.

  3. Care for them is the same as dress shoes..
    I cover them to protect from dust n drying out… I condition the leather, as a cream polish when needed, and for a more glossy shine I use a wax polish. Always, always use shoe trees… it keeps their shape, absorbs moisture from wearing…

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