5 Replies to “How Can a Man Talk Smoothly?”

  1. There’s an old joke that “the best way to save face is to keep the lower half shut,” and it has some truth in it. A gentleman’s presentation speaks for itself. Don’t worry about seeming “classy” or “suave.” Listen with care and thought to what others are saying, and if you feel that you have a contribution others will find interesting, offer it. Then go back to listening quietly.

    Good social skills are much less about what to say as when to say something — and when not. Wait for your moments.

    And, of course, if you’re sharply-dressed, your clothes will do the talking for you the rest of the time!

  2. I think that showing an interest is one of the classiest things you can do in a conversation – pay attention, ask appropriate questions, smile and don’t be afraid to reciprocate body movements. The other person will come away thinking YOU are interesting and well-bred because you put them at ease – even if you hardly said anything.

  3. Well said Geoffrey from a classy suave gentleman.

    Nathanael, I can tell you a long story when I was a teenager about the time I walked up to talk to a beautiful girl in public froze solid staring at here nearly face to face, stuttered horribly, broke out into a cold sweat all over my face and had to sit down because I nearly fainted. In the end I still managed to walk away with battered ego, a phone number, and a date the following evening.

    It takes time and is really trial by fire. I think Geoffrey and the other comments summed it up best. Less is more, be natural, be yourself, and no one likes a know it all. The most common social flaw I see amongst young men are people who are toppers. The guy who always tries to one up someones story or achievements.

  4. Absolutely, Geoffrey. Often when in a group setting, I sit and listen to the various stories shared by my friends of their extravagant and exciting, often drama-filled, lifestyles. I have taken great care to contribute well to conversations when I know I can, speaking with decent aplomb. Also, I never talk for the sake of speaking. When you can do this and contribute, your friends will turn to you to hear what you have to say and they will listen vehemently.

    Speaking with a loud, clear voice and with clarity of mind will help you develop confidence and class to your speech. Speaking with a clear mind will help you avoid stuttering and allow you to collect your thoughts. Use pauses in your speech to help set the tone. These are just a few little tips to get you started. I hope this helps you!

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