How to shave correctly?

Well I’m currently 17 turning 18 in December. I’ve been shaving for almost a year now. My father left me whilst i was young and never had someone to show me how to shave or any good advice.

Now my mates have given me some tips. When i do shave i don’t actually have shaving cream i just use soap and make it lather(I think that’s the word). I use disposable razors and i shave from the side(ears) inwards going straight down, i recently saw on an add people go along the jaw line? Then i go upwards from the neck towards the jaw line. Then finally around the mouth.

I would like some help and have been a little shy to ask people about it. So some help would be nice thanks in advance 🙂

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  1. Believe it or not, this is a pretty common story. My dad was around, but it was a friend who taught me to shave (and it wasn’t a good shave). My grandfather was a barber, and it doesn’t look like he taught my dad a proper shave, either.

    There’s a recent revival in the shaving world, and people are getting back to old school shaving. If you buy a used safety razor on eBay, your total budget after buying everything would be much less if you were to end up buying a Mach 3 and modern products.

    Check out Mantic59’s channel on YouTube. He answers every question you have about shaving. His YouTube channel is here: And also check out his website,

    Make sure you do a lot of research before you buy your new razor. I bought a used Gillette safety razor from the 50s on eBay for about $15. You can buy new, if you like, and if money isn’t an issue. The best part is, after the initial purchase, blades run about a dime to a quarter a piece, and shaving soap can be bought for about a dollar. And you get a better shave than with any modern products!

  2. Before there were disposables and replaceable cartridges there were metal razors and “the wet shave” — a ritual of masculinity from your grandfather’s days.
    This simple process is still the best shave a man can give himself.
    “Wet shaving” actually refers to the soap, not the razor: a wet lather made with a brush and a cake of soap. It used to be a basic manly skill. The whole process takes about two minutes — soak a soft brush in water, stick it into a mug with a soap-cake at the bottom, and swirl the tip of the brush around until a frothy lather forms. Then you brush it onto your face and shave.
    The process actually has benefits outside of cost (which we’ll look at in a minute). The wetter lather is easier on the skin than canned foam, and putting it on with the brush helps clean your face as well. Most shaving soaps are similar to a bath soap with a bit of extra stiffening agent added to make a longer-lasting foam — easy on the skin and free from metal traces or aerosol.
    You can use a cartridge razor and a wet shave if you really want to, but the best tool by far is an old-style metal razor. There are two basic types: the double-edged or “safety” razor and the straight razor. Safety razors can be used just like the familiar cartridge but require less pressure — their weight does most of the work for you. Straight razors require a bit more technique, but give a fantastically close shave when done right.

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