How to Keep Trousers from Wearing Out before Jackets?

My suit jackets always last a lot longer than my trousers. Is there any way I can keep the trousers from wearing out faster? They usually wear out in the crotch seam before anywhere else. I have them stitched back up as much as I can, but when the actual fabric wears through there’s nothing I can do.

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  1. A good fit will help here. If there’s excess fabric in the crotch it’s going to rub when your legs move back and forth, whereas a tight fit will mostly pass by without rubbing (of course, the size of your legs also affects how much rubbing there is).

    A sturdier cloth also helps — heavy-weight flannel is going to show wear less quickly than superfine worsted, for example. A smoother weave also shows less wear; corduroy will have noticeable bare patches long before a tighter, flatter-surfaced twill weave.

    That said, nothing can really keep trousers from wearing out faster than a jacket. Many higher-quality manufacturers and tailors will offer a standard option for one jacket with two matching pairs of trousers for exactly that reason — it’s assumed that you’ll need both pairs to match the life of the jacket. Whenever you can, I’d recommend taking advantage of that sort of package.

    In the worst case scenario, you can at least hang on to the suit jacket after the trousers wear out. Most can be worn as odd jackets with other good trousers, so long as the colors are distinct and it doesn’t look like a slightly mis-matched or faded suit. Someone was asking about that over in this thread:

    It’s not much, but it’s better than throwing out a perfectly good jacket!

  2. We’ve also got a video on trouser wear over at the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel that should help you out:

  3. Geoffrey, thanks for the tip. I never thought to ask a tailor if they would make an extra pair of pants to go with the jacket. Makes sense, i might try that. 🙂

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