How to compliment a thin figure

I’m 5′ 11” and only 129 lbs. I am 16 and have a size 28 waist. Needless to say, I’m small. I have a very lengthy body, but I also have a very athletic trim, so I’m not just thin thin. I also have “man curves.”
What I’m looking for are clothes that will compliment my thin figure. (Not JUST dress clothes, both please)
I’m always told how thin I look, whether in a suit (jacket off) or just casual clothes. I’m also told because I look so small I look awkward in jean. (Ouch)

I’m VERY confident in how I look, sometimes I have too much! I just always know I can look better. Help?

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  1. I gave a presentation that was video taped. I did not wear a jacket and of course I did not like the look because at that time I was not a my best body look i.e. tool slim. I would advise everyone to see how you look on video. You are absolutely right about wearing a jacket. Thanks Antonio Cheeks

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