3 Replies to “How do You Button a Suit Jacket?”

  1. Single-breasted jackets should be fastened when you’re standing and unfastened when you sit. Some men will also unbutton them to stick their hands in their pockets, since that will wrinkle a buttoned suit, but it’s better to keep your hands out of your pockets altogether. How to button it depends on the number of buttons:

    One-button: Self-explanatory.

    Two-button: Usually the top button. If it’s in an awkward place for you, you can fasten the lower button and spread the lapels down so that they fold over the first button, but this is a more casual look and wouldn’t be appropriate on a business suit.

    Three-button: Typically the middle and lower button. Just the middle is acceptable but a bit unfinished-looking. The top button is usually never done up on a single-breasted three-button suit.

    Double-breasted suits are a little different. They stay buttoned when seated, for one thing — an unbuttoned double-breasted suit looks bad in any circumstance. They’re usually made with some of the rows of buttons functioning and some not, which makes it easy: fasten the working buttonholes and leave the decorative ones unbuttoned. Typically at least one set of buttons will be left unfastened, always at the top. The lowest row should never be worn unfastened on a double-breasted jacket.

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