How Should I Tip My Tailor?

Hi, I’m about to get a tailored suit – well prepared with the knowledge gained through your excellent videos! You mentioned a tailor should be tipped (own shop, classy/wealthy one) . Is 10% appropriate, e.g. 800$ spend, 80$ tip ?

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  1. This will vary a lot by country and culture. Some places will expect it as a matter of course, while other places it would be somewhat offensive to suggest.

    If possible it’s better to buy something small beyond your original order as a thank-you for a job well done. Order an extra shirt, buy a necktie off the tailor’s wall, etc. — something reasonably minor compared to a custom suit, but still a decent bit of money.

    If you are in a situation where a cash tip is appropriate, 10-20% is a good range. If it was a relatively straightforward fitting and a simple request 10% is adequate; if it was a complicated and unique order you’ll want to do more like 20%.

    All that relates to tailors making custom clothes for you — in the much more low-cost world of a tailor doing a minor repair or patch job, you can pretty safely base your decision on whether the shop has a tip jar or not. If they do, put a buck or two in there; if they don’t, don’t bring it up.

  2. I agree with Geoffrey on this. It depends where you’re from and what kind of work did your tailor do for you. If it was a minor repair – around 10% but if you had a suit made – you might want to give him around 20% tip.

    Hope this helps!

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