3 Replies to “How Long Should My Tie Be?”

  1. When it’s tied and hanging straight you want your tie to fall just past your belt/trouser waist. A little variance is ok — if you wear decorative belt buckles and don’t want to hide them, just the tip touching the top of the buckle will still be acceptable. Much past the belt is too long.

    Most places carry two lengths: regular and extra-long. Regular-length ties usually fall between 56-58″ long, while extra-long are typically 61-63″ long. There is some variation between manufacturers. European companies will of course list the measurement in centimeters, but the lengths and terms are the same.

    The typical width of a necktie is 3.25″-3.5″ or so at the widest point. “Skinny” ties are usually about 2.5″ at the widest point, while “wide” ties go up to around 3.75″ at the widest point. These aren’t as standardized as the length measurements, so brands will vary more.

  2. Here’s a video on proper tie length from our Real Men Real Style YouTube channel as well:

  3. Regular size ties are 55-57 inches long. If they hang well, then wear those. I wear a regular tie with the tip just barely touching the top of the belt buckle. But I understand there is a lot of leeway here. Before, it used to be your tie had to be an inch or two above the buckle. Personally, I feel as long as the point does not go below the buckle, you are in the clear as then it would be too long.

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