How formal are political Conventions?

As a delegate to the Georgia GOP state convention and (hopefully) the National convention, I want to know how formal my attire must be. So far, I’ve traded my suit jacket for a pea coat, and the trousers have always been black. However, now that it’s Summer, can I wear my pinstripe suit? Should I get a matching jacket for my trousers instead?

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  1. Not everyone at a political convention will be in a suit, but the men everyone takes most seriously will be. I strongly recommend doing the same.

    Treat it like a business meeting, which it is: dark suit, white shirt, necktie, black leather belt and oxford balmoral shoes. Lighter wool is fine, since it’s summer, but I’d stay away from linen or seersucker.

    A pinstripe suit is fine as long as the base color is a dark solid and the stripes are actual pinstripes (very narrow, about the width of a pin, as the name implies). Broader chalkstripes would be pushing the lower edge of formality.

    That said, I’m sure you’ll see men there in blazers and unmatched trousers. You won’t get turned away at the door or anything if that’s what you wear. But a suit will fit in with the experienced politicians and earn you a bit more respect.

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