How Do I Get a Good Fit from an Off-the-Rack Dress Shirt?

I’m pretty skinny and every dress shirt I buy seems to have way too much billow down around my waist, especially when I tuck it in. Is there any way to get a better fit without having my shirts tailor-made?

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  1. Buy “slim fit” shirts specifically. A lot of higher-end off-the-rack shirt manufacturers will have them, and there are a few companies specifically dedicated to slimmer shirts.

    Alternatively, you can have normal off-the-rack shirts taken in some at any tailor’s. It’s a pretty common adjustment, and shouldn’t set you back too much (although you should factor it into the price before buying, so if a shirt that’s too loose in the waist seems like it’s a great price, remember the cost of adjustment as well).

    There’s limits to how much a tailor can take in, so in general try for brands that already fit you reasonably well. If you’re really skinny, that’ll probably mean brands with specific “slim” or “skinny” sizes.

    Belting your pants very tightly also helps, but don’t do it so tight that you’re making the front of your trousers bunch up…

  2. I made a video with some tips on getting an off-the-rack shirt to fit over at the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel:

  3. Slim fit shirts are your best bet! Enrico Carlucci brand makes them.

    You can always get your tailored, or if you like the “muffin top” look like I know a lot of guys like, you can just leave it like that. I like shirts that kinda billow out because I’ve seen so many people dress like that, slim fit are for people who don’t like that haha.

    It’s all down to personal preference I guess, but if you really want something that fits you, you can always get it tailored.

    Or try and shrink them first and then tailor them if they aren’t fitting right still?

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