3 Replies to “How Do I Dress Well in Hospital Scrubs?”

  1. Those are some pretty limited options! But a collared shirt that you can wear with a necktie will fill out underneath the neck of the scrubs, and that’ll help a lot.

    It’s also worth investing in really nice-looking shoes and keeping them well-polished, since that’s one of the few things that will differ from one guy in scrubs to the next. People will notice more than they would if you had a typical business dress outfit. A stylish watch (nothing too oversized) can have the same effect.

    Other than that, keep your hair neatly styled and smile a lot. There’s not too much more you can do when the majority of your appearance is covered in scrubs.

  2. We have a few additional suggestions in our video on dressing under scrubs at the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel:

  3. Prioritize on looking clean by always wearing white or light grey. V-neck undershirt is as good as crew neck as well.

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