3 Replies to “How Can I Dress My Husband Better?”

  1. Well, asking questions here is a great start!

    Being encouraging and pointing out resources is really fantastic from a spouse. It reinforces the idea that this is a good change to make and one that can have a positive effect.

    What I would steer away from is picking out clothes specifically, unless you’ve got some expertise in the industry. A lot of guys end up in fashions that aren’t quite right for them because they’re taking advice from women who like men’s clothes but have never had to fit them onto a specific guy’s body before — where the effect can be VERY different from what it looks like on the hanger or in an ad.

    Some guys also don’t take that well to direction, and might give up if they feel pushed around by a spouse…hopefully not yours, of course!

    So in general try to help find resources and advice rather than particular clothing, and encourage trips to stores and tailors to work on a better fit. Even simple clothes can look a lot better if they’re adjusted specifically to a man’s body.

    Good luck!

  2. We reviewed a wonderful book on this subject called “Dressing the Man You Love,” by Betsy Durkin Matthes. I highly recommend it for any spouses, girlfriends, and friends trying to help a man dress better. Here’s the video review we did:

    You can also read the written review over at the RealMenRealStyle.com blog.

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