How Should I Dress for Hospitals that Require Sleeves Rolled Up?

I often go on placements to hospitals, and hope to become a doctor in future. Here in the UK, there are rules about being bare below the elbow when treating patients, suits and jackets are usually out of the question and ties are frowned upon. How can I make a good impression while sticking to this etiquette?

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  1. If jackets and ties are out, your answer is pretty much down to “good shirts.” Get a really good fit (tailored if you can), pick something with a little color and pattern, and roll the sleeves back as needed.

    (It is worth mentioning that some jackets are made with working cuff buttons, and can be rolled back — “surgeon’s cuffs” are actually the origin of the cuff buttons on men’s jackets!)

    Depending on how often you’re covered by scrubs and how much you’re worried about stains, a good pair of well-fitted wool trousers instead of jeans will help, as well nice-looking leather dress shoes.

  2. We’ve got a video on dealing with scrubs while still dressing nicely over at the RealMenRealStyle YouTube channel:

  3. Thanks Geoffrey, I suppose there’s not much you can do to accessorise with a bare below the elbows policy in place. Antonio, not quite the question I asked, but useful advice nonetheless – I’ll remember this when I’m trying to impress the consultant surgeons in theatre!!

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