Hi, I run a clothing closet for a live in program that works to help transition homeless people into permanent housing as employed, functioning members of society. When coming off the streets, most of these people have no understanding of the importance of personal image and I have seen some of the strangest clothing arrangements. Part of my job is to teach these people how to dress appropriately to fit into society. The problem I run into is that they have emotional issues from being on the streets for so long and one of the places it manifests is in how they dress. Getting them to improve their image is a very slow and difficult process. I’m not qualified to help them manage their emotional issues and its not my job but I don’t know how to make their transition with their image easier for them. What are the steps I should take with them that would help them gradually improve? I’m only a volunteer but am also determined. Personal image is something that is often neglected in these types of programs but also very important.